The First MDTI Halloween Treat

Nov 3, 2022

In an expanding business entity, not only does an organization grow but so does the amount of responsibility.

The past few months have been eventful for the people of Macrologic with its initiatives continuing to enlarge and develop. With its new set of people and faces, refreshing ideas come to mind.

Last October, the company, as a treat for the hard work of its employees, launched its very first Halloween celebration!

There were 2 events initiated by the Marketing Team: One, a treat for the people, and two, a treat for their children.

In the morning of the 28th of October, it’s first trick or treat had taken place. Employees with their respective children gathered at Macrologic’s main branch and visited each department as they frolicked around in their spookiest costumes. Reaching the 4th floor where the amusement awaited, food carts, face paints, and other games, were all set, together with clowns and magicians to lead the show.

Smiling faces and laughter of little children filled the whole place.

As we wrapped for the first treat of the day, another was set for the later part. This time, it would be a treat for the fellow employees.

As evening came for the most exciting part of this event, employees once again gathered in their own spooky costumes. The 4th floor where the program proper was for the morning session transformed to a horror house. The program ramped up with each showing off their costumes as three lucky winners brought home amazing prizes.

It truly was a memorable event to remember as the night ended with great success for the whole company, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the organization’s contribution.

Other festivities like this will surely follow as we keep moving forward.

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