About Macrologic

Founded in May 25, 2012, Macrologic Diversified Technologies, Inc. (MDTI) is an IT company with cutting edge capabilities across primary industries, including manufacturing, services, government in the national and local levels, the academe, and multiple other entities and enterprises. Macrologic offers a wide range of applications and strategies to address any challenge that valued clients may experience or require solutions for. Its Systems Integration model, partnerships with the leading Technology Vendors and ISV’s, skilled human resources – Certified Technical Engineers, Sales and Marketing Professionals, support contingents, and overall business presence in the country’s key regions are instrumental in the fulfillment of customer delivery and achievement of market success as a whole.

With innovation in the forefront of its operations, Macrologic pioneered and continues to lead in the local cloud infrastructure known today as MIaaS Cloud Services. MIaaS, a multi-site cloud built from the leading technology brands, utilizes the VMware vCloud Director to provide clients a secured, stable and robust multi-tenancy platform for public cloud. With the rapid growth of its ecosystem for cloud, Macrologic offers a wide range of cloud services from IaaS to SaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, BaaS, SECaaS, Cloud ServiceDesk and a lot more. MIaaS is a VMware Cloud Verified, the first in the country to achieve competency certification for VMware Cloud.

Our Business Core Values

Innovation – Macrologic’s innovative approach is an unmatched value that customer can take advantage of. It pioneers the local cloud infrastructure; MIaaS Cloud Services and partnered with AWS and other cloud providers for any resources that client may need on cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid including on-premise.

Business Process Standardization and Security Compliance – Macrologic continuous improvement in operation entails standard compliances the likes of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) of its IT infrastructure, Data Center TIA certifications, ISMS 27001 ISO Data Security compliance and certification and other standards set by the technology vendors such as VMware Cloud Verified status. All these processes, security compliances and standards would be the pillars of delivering services to our valued customers.

Certified IT Professionals – trained and certified Engineers based on the leading brands and technologies in the IT industry; IBM, Lenovo, HPe, Cisco, Dell, Sophos, Fortinet, VMware, Microsoft, SUSE, Veeam and a lot more ensure customers’ success when they choose Macrologic as their trusted partner for IT related initiatives. 

Proven Track Record and Expertise – honed by experience and up to date trainings, Macrologic is more than capable to deliver the suitable, economic and effective technology that the customer would be needing to enhance its business operation and stay competitive in the market.

Partner Ecosystem – our partnerships with the leading technology brands ensure that the solutions and services to be provided are based on industry standards, come with Vendor support and proven technologies that are developed and tested from the highly sophisticated research and development facilities.

Customer Care – Macrologic has in place helpdesk support infrastructure called MamaaS ServiceDesk, a platform used to deliver Managed Services, Maintenance and Support Contract round the clock – customer satisfaction is our priority.

One stop shop IT Solutions

from technology deployment to maintenance, and from on-premise to hybrid and pure cloud.

Global Partnerships

ensuring Vendor support availability that clients can always enjoy.

Certified Engineers

unmatched expertise for customers to focus on revenue generating activities with in-place 24×7 Structure for Services, delivering SLA’s round the clock.

Constant Innovation

clients will not be left behind with Macrologic keeping abreast with the latest technologies to help our Valued Customers adopt and be able to respond to volatile business demands.

MIaaS Cloud Services

allows flexibility for our Valued Clients to provision workload anytime on cloud, quickly deploy business applications and create back-up or disaster recovery to address business continuity.

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