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MIaaS & MaMaas, now a Macrologic brand, marks its name in the industry.

MIaaS & MaMaas, now a Macrologic brand, marks its name in the industry.

Launched in Q3 of 2020 with the first site in its Data Center located in the Macrologic Corporate Centre in Molino 3, City of Bacoor, Cavite, the management, together with its architects, Macrologic came up with its own solution offering. The IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) was deemed to be the market’s new hotspot, and so MIaaS (Macrologic Infrastructure as a Service) was created.

Businesses have had struggles with handling their own hardware (servers, storage, network and security) in which maintenance and building one’s own infrastructure can be costly.

As a solution to these customer pain points, Infrastructure as a Service was developed. By letting users run their operating systems and applications using MIaaS, customers can better focus on business strategies, thus becoming more cost-effective, flexible, and easy to expand. MIaaS offers multi-tenancy platform, HA & multi-site cloud clusters, and guaranteed to run any business applications. It also has an integrated managed service with 24/7 coverage which is the MaMaas (management and maintenance as a service) platform.

Managed services are critical to one’s operation together with the entailing of IaaS.

After all, what’s a ship without its captain?

Mamaas, Macrologic’s platform for Managed Services was implemented just recently (Q1 of this year).

Packed with skilled technical engineers, Macrologic assumes the responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and equipment such as onsite support, remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops, mobile devices and other IT assets.

With services like these coming up in the market more often, it is very crucial to protect one’s property. Ideas and innovation are common steps for businesses and it’s all about how fast you can position your brand in the market. This is why intellectual property protection is critical to fostering innovation. Without it, businesses and its stakeholders would not be able to fully take advantage of its own capabilities and inventions.

To fully commit to its business strategy, Macrologic filed for the registration of MIaaS and MaMaas for IPO (Intellectual Property Office) on the 26th of September 2021, to officialize the brands as its own. And in this year of 2022, Macrologic has received its certificate of registration; MIaaS and Mamaas are now the trademarks and brands of Macrologic for Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Services respectively.

As part of its advocacy in innovation and transformation, Macrologic has not only trademarked its brands but has also offered customers a different take on solutions, fulfilled an essential aspect in marketing its name, and set its own pedestal in the market and industry.

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