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Macrologic’s IMS Policy & IMS Objectives

Macrologic’s IMS Policy & IMS Objectives

Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc. Integrated Management System (IMS) is a set of processes and procedures designed to help the organization achieve its overall goals and objectives. IMS integrates the organization’s business continuity and information security management systems into a single, unified system. This integration allows the organization to improve its overall performance.

Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc. (MDTI) is also committed to providing high-end products and services to its customers that ensure premium quality performance that meets the industry standards.

The organization’s Integrated Management System ensures effective and seamless strategic techniques in responding to any type of disruption; and at the same time prioritizes confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information entrusted to us by our internal and external stakeholders.

These are the objectives of our organization committed to achieving excellent customer satisfaction and our commitment to achieving together with our partners, employees, and customers.

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