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ISO Certification: ISMS Road – The Path to Globalization

ISO Certification: ISMS Road – The Path to Globalization

ISO Certification: ISMS Road – The Path to Globalization.


The pandemic was an obstacle the company needed to overcome in 2021. When the year stroked 2022, new challenges emerged. First, the transition of management due to the struggles brought by COVID-19, second was the re-emergence of partners in the industry, and third was the changes Clients went through that affected their performance, that in turn, affected us as well. A lot of adjustments were ongoing and to say that our company was immune was an overstatement. Perhaps the biggest challenge the company have faced so far was the journey to being ISO Certified. It had been a smooth sail initially, but one could only get to the shore by overcoming the winds.


What does it really mean to be ISO certified?

ISO is short for International Organization for Standardization.

The Organization sets the global standard for manufacturing processes, data security, safety requirements, quality assurance, and the likes. To pass this means high quality business conformity – a degree we all look for in business partnerships.

There are different ISO certifications applicable to each industry. One works for the health industry, one for manufacturing. A company should assess which best works for them.

To sum it up, the following are what an organization can achieve by being ISO certified:

  • Instill of trust with customers and partners
  • Information security
  • High quality products & services
  • Credibility and reputation
  • Sustainable development and process

In the previous year, however, ISMS was not the only one in the list of projects the company worked on, which is why it had been a struggle to complete the requirements needed. However, it only proved more of the resiliency and workforce of the people behind the project as the plan still pushed through despite the numerous initiatives the company worked on.

It was only recent that the Organization announced of Macrologic making it to the second stage of the certification process.

As another year enters, a more aggressive approach for the certification comes in line, and so as Macrologic rolls out the project, our workforce, skills, and abilities, are far ready than ever. This crucial project is of utmost importance as the company also intends to expand outside the Philippines.

With the Singapore Cloud Cluster in line, the Management eyes the Land Down Under as a potential opportunity for another business venture and a steppingstone for the company’s direction towards globalization.

And it is with pride that the organization continues to aim only for the best. Having passed the initial stage of our audit, we persevere to surpass more levels as we go about the Y2023.