Macrologic kicks off ISMS 27001 compliance and certification.

Mar 16, 2022

March 16, 2022 – Today marks the journey of Macrologic for data security compliance as it held the kick-off meeting for ISMS ISO 27001 virtually, involving all Business Unit Heads, key officers and representative from EIAN Management Consulting Services, the 3rd party contracted firm to help the company attain the aimed ISO certification.

The objective to comply and certify for the ISMS ISO 27001 is planned to achieve this year and is expected to pave way for more customers and level up the confidence of the market in patronizing the IT offerings of Macrologic for MamaaS Managed Services and MIaaS Cloud Services. MamaaS is a ServiceDesk platform utilizes by the company in delivering professional services to the market while MIaaS is Macrologic’s own trademark for public cloud infrastructure, the first in country with VMware Cloud Verified status.

The kick-off meeting was led by the Senior Consultant from EIAN, Mr. Richard Regalado

whom the decades of consulting experience are instrumental in the company’s multiple contracted ISMS projects locally and abroad with 100% statistical effectivity on the first-try-certifications.

During the kick-off, Mr., Regalado has explained the key activities and 12 phases of attaining the ISMS compliance and certification; initial project meeting (kick-off), gap analysis, ISO/IEC 27001 awareness training, risk management workshop, establishment of policies and objectives, creation of ISO/IEC 27001 required documents, creation of ISO/IEC 27001 applicable documents, internal audit training, supervised /mock audit, management review of the ISMS and fine tuning, ISMS roadmap and readiness report and certification audits that composed of two stages.

“We have been doing this ISMS thing for over a year now but the lack of exposure and right people to lead us posts an obstacle in achieving it. With EIAN Consulting as our chosen partner, I believe that ISO 27001 for Macrologic is already in our horizon. While the primary goal is for us to gain more market confidence once we’re done on it, the ISMS activities provide an exciting experience and new learnings for my team that rarely our competitors do”, said by Mr. Arman Menta, Macrologic’s CEO & President.

In half a year, Macrologic will officially be an ISO Certified, ticking off another one of its plans for its thrive for global expansion and ten-year journey.

Learn more about ISMS ISO Certifications:,is%20always%20important%20to%20you.

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